“Miles And Miles” video released. Your song, our production= You Tube success!

Dan Thompson’s just-released video of the song he wrote for his long haul trucker son who tragically died when he fell asleep and crashed his rig about two months after Dan wrote it. Dan and his band are “lip syncing” and “air guitaring” to the track the Nashville Trax A team played on.

This video was made after Dan’s first trip here to record his vocals on three Dan Thompson penned tunes that producer, Bill Watson, arranged and produced prior.

A simple-to-shoot-and-edit video like this can be posted on You Tube as Dan has done. It’s extremely useful for promotion of your live shows and adding fans to your database, or if you don’t perform, you can monetize the video itself and get paid for the short ads that run each time someone clicks on it. One of our clients has made several of these videos, hiring actors to perform in fairly elaborate videos to the tracks we produce of songs he writes. He has hundreds of thousands of You Tube clicks on several of them and has quite a successful business going.

2-23-16 Bill Watson (center) and Shawn Conley (center) producing/engineering Dan Thompson’s  vocals on 5 additional tunes Dan (pictured left, in booth) wrote to complete the album. Dan has one more meeting to hopefully seal a distribution deal through Sony.




Above: Dan Thompson performing at The George Jones Entertainment Complex in downtown Nashville on 2-21-16.

Musicians who played on the music track used in the above video:
Drums and percussion: Jim Riley (Rascal Flatts)
Acoustic and Electric Guitars: Tom Wild, (B.J. Thomas, Mindy McCready, Brenda Lee)
Bass guitar: Bill Watson (producer, Nashville Trax)
Vocals: Dan Thompson
Piano: Ronald Fairchild, (Oak Ridge Boys)
Fiddle: Jenee Fleenor (Blake Shelton, The Voice. Reigning winner of the CMA Touring Musician of th Year Award, Dec. 2015)
Engineers: Bill Watson, Shawn Conley
Produced & Arranged by Bill Watson.


The song and video of “Miles and Miles” is © 2016 Dan Thompson. It’s posted here for demonstration of production values only. Any other use is a violation of U.S. and International copyright laws.

Chris Young Currently Seeking Material, Already Recording.

Producer Corey Crowder (Sony) has a call out to select Nashville based publishers and established (has hit songs and/or a publishing deal) songwriters for material for a few remaining slots on Chris Young’s next album.

Chris Young won on Nashville Star several years ago and it’s been career-on ever since. Bring yourself up to speed here:


The best way to get an “in” and possibly the only realistic way at this point, is to get a pro demo to a Nashville based music publishing company that ha a relationship with Sony amd/or Corey Crowder. Deadline is end of March so no time to waste!

Listen Again Music (BMI) has pitch access,

  • Professionally made demos  and masters of unpublished songs not produced by us may be submitted (with permission) to Listen Again Music (BMI) for music publishing consideration by either Listen Again Music (BMI) or PlayItAgainMusicPublishing (ASCAP).
  • E-mail your request for permission to submit to: LAMusicPublishing.1@gmail.com


Sony Music Hires New A & R Director

Sony Music Publishing, Nashville

Sony Music Publishing, Nashville

A new A&R Director has been hired for Sony Music Nashville. Taylor Lindsey. Her duties will also include A&R for the Nashville branches of Columbia, Arista and RCA.

Sara Evans Song Pitch Opportunity

Producer Mark Bright is seeking material of any tempo for Sara Evans (Sony). Many producers only want mid and uptempo but this may be a good opportunity for a ballad or a power ballad. No deadline at this point. If you’re interested in having a demo made for this pitch opportunity please send in your rough to Play It Again Demos.