Modern Country Music Samples

If you write country songs that require more modern sounding drums, guitars and such, similar to what makes it to radio these days, you’ll find that here.

Here are two songs Bill Watson produced, aiming for that market, the first has the 70’s/80’s rock guitar and rock drumming elements, both of which are ubiquitous on country radio:

Uptempo Modern Country:

Modern Country Ballad:

If you like what you hear why not shoot out an e-mail to: and request a quote to make your song sound like this?

Note that a lot of today’s country borrows from 70’s and 80’s folk rock while another segment has pop music elements, for example, most of Taylor Swift’s recent releases.

If you would like a quote on making a professional version of your song simply drop an e-mail with your MP3 rough version attached to with the details of what you want. We’ll likely bat a couple e-mails back and forth before we figure out an exact price. It can be completed over the Internet or you can be present for the entire project.

We can do country pop, country rock, americana and all points in between!-b.e.

Lady In The Harbor and Let Her Go are © 2016, posted by permission of the songwriters. If you’re interested in recording either song, using it in media or using it in a live performance situation, please let us know and we’ll forward your request to the songwriter and to the music publisher.

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