Long Day But Great Vocal Tracks!

We cut some GREAT Vocal Tracks!

We cut some fantastic Vocal Tracks!

Wow, in the studio before 7 am yesterday and still there at 8:00 p.m. yet it felt like only about four hours went by. We got some guitar overdubs done on 4 tunes early, then Brittany Baptiste, a session singer, came in at noon and did a tremendous job on a pop song. Her tone quality is truly exceptional. And the girl has good nature and patience to spare, she didn’t mind taking the extra time to get it right.

Then about 4 pm Tim Zimmermann, a background vocal specialist, flat out nailed a bgv heavy song titled “Forever and Me.” We’re cutting 6 versions of this song for targeting various segments of the Contemporary Christian and Southern Gospel markets.

Tim cut 3 leads and about 15 bgv tracks to cover 3 of the versions. His vocal licks were just off the hook, easily equal to and even exceeding the best bgvs I’ve ever heard and I’ve worked with several of Nashville’s best bgv singers.

Watch out folks, there’s a new boy in town!

The coolest thing is, unlike some musicians I’ve worked with in Nashville who were all about getting done as fast as possible and out the door, probably to ensure they got their 2 o’clock nap in, there wasn’t a hint of clock watching by anyone all day. It was all about making the music as great as possible; obviously I’m all about that.

Long day, but great tracks made it fun and worth it. We barely noticed time passing and, if anything, it was over too soon!- b.e.