Songwriter’s Market 2014

 Is Songwriter's Market still serving the songwriting community? Is it long in the tooth?

Is Songwriter’s Market 2014 still serving the songwriting community?

Is Songwriter’s Market 2014 showing the long tooth?

At one time Songwriter’s Market was a useful tool for pitching songs to publishers and record companies. But things have changed in the songwriting world. Times have changed.

Many songwriters complained about Songwriter’s Market 2012. According to most, it was badly in need of updating. One buyer revealed that most of her 2012 submissions came back unopened and undeliverable. Most comments on various retail sites are negative.

Songwriter’s Market 2013 had little updating from 2012 so if anything, it was even less useful.

What has changed since the early days of publication?

Songs are more in demand, not less. At one time there were three major TV networks, major motion pictures, PBS and radio. If your songs weren’t played in those places you weren’t making much money. Now there are far more outlets. Look at television alone: Hundreds of channels, most of which use music.

Internet websites, radio and Internet advertising use vast amounts of music already and use is increasing as the Internet changes from older users with large desktop systems who prefer reading words, to a younger demographic using smaller devices that prefers music and pictures. Music helps sell.

There are newer, universally accessible and arguably better ways to get exposure for an act than there were when Songwriter’s Market began publishing. YouTube, Facebook, etc. weren’t available fifteen years ago.

It’s possible the editors have become lazy in updating Songwriter’s Market listings. But regardless of the reason for the decline, it’s still a very useful book for researching music publishers and other music related companies. You can get names, e-mail addresses and more to help you start establishing contact.

But purely as a mechanism for marketing songs it has been coming up short for years now.

Does anyone care to comment on the usefulness of Songwriter’s Market 2014? -b.e.