Mr. Mike Rocks : Steel Guitar Tracks Over The Internet

If your project needs excellent pedal steel guitar, rather than hire a local player consider getting your steel guitar tracks over the Internet.


Because there are no frets steel can be pitchy. Because steel can be hard to control, it needs to be played evenly and smoothly. Because steel needs to fit into a track like a hand in a glove you need a player with extensive experience at doing just that. And because tone quality is everything.

To get all that you need a Nashville session quality player. Our pedal steel player, Mr. Mike, available through our Nashville Trax Recording Studio service, Steel Guitar Tracks Online, is your guy. He delivers world class tracks on demand. His resume is so extensive it would require pages to list every famous artist he’s worked with but a few of his performance and recording credits include: Bonnie Raitt, George Jones, Tammy Wynette, Peter Frampton, ZZ Top, Conway Twitty, Neil Young…some of the true legends of rock, blues, folk and country.

Here’s Mike just ten days ago getting cued by Billy Gibbons to play a solo in ZZ Top’s “La Grange” with Peter Frampton and Randy Bachman (BTO) staring him down. He nails it, of course. The pedal steel solo begins at 5:18:

Like everyone who is a regular on the roster here, Mike is a Christian and well knows his talent is a God-given gift. If you’re a player wondering how you can have a career like Mike’s don’t emulate his playing, develop your style and emulate his faith in God. It’s He who makes amazing things happen.

Steel Guitar Tracks Online

Our pedal steel guitar man, Mike Douchette

Our pedal steel guitar man, Mr. Mike, credits: George Jones, Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top), Bonnie Raitt, Conway Twitty,

Looking for steel guitar tracks online? If you need a track of pedal steel for your home or studio recording project look no further! Nashville Trax now offers world class steel guitar tracks played by a session quality Nashville professional steel player!

Reasonably priced and even cheaper if you act now:

Steel Guitar Tracks Online

Check out Mike’s Pedal Steel solo at 5:18 into this video as Billy Gibbons, Peter Frampton and Randy Bachmann look on.