Music publishers Looking for Songs for Carly Pearce and Kenny Chesney

Sony Music Publishing, Nashville

Sony Music Publishing, Nashville

Speaking of Sony Nashville, word has it that producer Paul Worley is looking for songs for a new artist, Carly Pearce. Meanwhile, also for Sony, producer Buddy Cannon needs tunes for Kenny Chesney by late October.

But do not try to submit directly to the producers or the label, they don’t accept unsolicited materials, won’t accept phone calls from songwriters, etc. The best route onto one of these projects is by getting your song professionally demoed and signed to a song publisher who has a relationship with the label.

So what are you waiting for? Send your rough on an mp3 to and ask for a quote.

There are also independent music publishers looking for songs that fit these two projects. File this under Music Publishers Looking for Demos.

If you’re sure you already have a demo that absolutely, positively meets industry standards (pro session quality musicians, pro singer, professionally mixed, nothing semi-pro or home quality about it) you can submit .wav files via or e-mail MP3, MP4, AAC, or AIFF files (1 type of file per song! 2 song max) to music publisher Michael Bright of Bright Songs Publishing at