Songwriting Basics: The Minor Three Chord Groups

Acoustic Guitar Sound Hole and Strings

Acoustic Guitar Sound Hole and Strings

In regards to the post on Three chord Groups, here are the most commonly used Minor Key Three Chord Groups:

1-4-5 (each chord’s root note is derived from the 1st, 4th and 5th notes of that key’s natural minor scale. The D natural minor scale notes are: D E F G A Bb C. )

Key: Chords m = minor.

Dm: Dm Gm A
Am: Am Dm E
Em: Em Am B
Bm: Bm Em F#
F#m: F#m Bm C#

The 1-6-7 is also a common progression:

Dm: Dm Bb C
Am: Am F G
Em: Em C D
Bm: Bm G A

Also the 2-5-1:

Dm: Em7b5 Am Dm
AM: Bm7b5 Em Am

Try the 1-4-7:

Dm: Dm Gm C
Am: Am Dm G

Try playing each of these progression types several times. Perhaps even choose one and write a song.- Bill Watson