How To Get My Songs To Christian Artists

At some point in their music marketing journey, most songwriters who write for the Christian market ask the question posed in the title.

How do you get your songs to Christian artists?

The Christian market is huge, almost as big as pop, yet it seems the doors are less open for new Christian artists than in any other genre.

The top two reasons for that are:

  1. Most Christian artists aren’t launched from a songwriting-oriented community the way, say, a country music artist is launched in Nashville where songwriting is ubiquitous and outside songs are generally the “hits” on an album. Christian artists are often launched from a church (Hillsong, Bethel, etc.) or signed as a band and tend to write their own songs more than in other genres.
  2.  Ironically, even though Christians are not supposed to sue each other in court, as the apostle Paul makes very clear in 1st Corinthians, verse 6, the fear of a lawsuit is certainly a big factor in what seems to be a closed door policy at many Christian labels. Lyrics tend to focus around often used Christian phrases, sometimes straight from the Bible. Many record companies and artists fear that if your lyric you submit is similar to one an artist wrote about that same time, or even years later, it could spark a lawsuit.

In spite of those points, make no mistake, Christian artists and record labels do want hit songs, they just rarely will accept song submissions directly from songwriters. They generally turn to the catalogs of Christian music publishers, but even they tend to be somewhat restrictive toward unpublished songwriters, they use staff writers or turn to pre-screened songs from songpluggers.

That makes finding a path to get your potential hit songs to a specific Christian artist, or any Christian artist time consuming and difficult.

If you are feeling frustrated by trying to market your Christian songs it may be time to try a professional song plugging service.  For a monthly fee ranging from about $60 per month up to about $500 per month, a plugger will market your work to their contacts.

It may make sense to pay a small fee that buys you a fresher and broader contact list as well as the credibility of professional representation. while removing the frustration and burden of attempting to market your own songs.


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