Christian Song Demo Service and Christian Recording Studio

A Christian Demo Service guitarist kneels at the foot of the cross

A Christian Demo Service guitarist kneels at the foot of the cross

Need a Christian Song Demo Service? A Christian Recording Studio?


Play It Again Demos’ Christian Demo Service

If you believe in God, make the Lord Jesus Christ the center of your life and write music that would best fit on Christian Radio Stations like:

King of Kings
The Fish
The Way

…then Play It Again Demos is the Christian Demo Service for you!

The producer, Bill Watson who produces for both Play It Again Demos and Nashville Trax Recording Studio is a Christian and listens to Christian music of all types. The musicians and sraff who work for both the demo service and the recording studio are Christians.

Most, like Bill (who plays bass guitar) serve on worship teams at local churches on Sundays. Most of those teams play contemporary Christian music so the musicians keep up with the latest trends in the genre.

Having quality demos made of your best songs is an important step that will position you as a serious Christian songwriter whether you are writing sinply to glorify The Lord or you’re pitching them directly to a popular Christian artist in the hope they’ll record them.

If you already have a solo act or a band a Christian Recording Studio like Nashville Trax will be needed to start recording songs professionally and offer them for sale on CD, download or at live performances.