Need Songwriting Ideas? Try This!


Every songwriter needs help with finding powerful songwriting ideas now and then. Playing with alliteration can be a powerful tool to open up shorted songwriting circuits. It can get your creative juices flowing when you’re stuck, have writer’s block or have exhausted your stock of song ideas.

For those who don’t know alliteration is simply two or more words that hit a listener with extra resonance because they start with the same consonant. They can be adjacent words or separated by a word or two. For example: On A Road with Room to Roam has three words starting with the letter “r” separated by one word.

The purpose and effect of course is impart the “it has a ring to it” effect. Beyond trying to achieve that there aren’t any rules. You could do many alliterated words separated by various numbers of non-alliterated words, back-to-back alliteration is fine too with no words separating the alliterated ones. Or how about compounding the technique: I left my Happy Home for a Road with Room to Roam.

Play with this idea and before you know it you’ll have a great line to start a verse with or perhaps even your next great song title!