Dan Thompson Single “A Day Without Progress” Produced by Nashville Trax, Distributed By Sony… 28 Weeks on Sirius XM. Give A Listen!


Singer/songwriter Dan Thompson performing at the George Jones Entertainment Complex. downtown Nashville on Feb. 2, 2016.

Dan Thompson’s followup single, A Day Without Progress” has released to radio and is enjoying lots of radio play… April 3rd, 2017 marking 28 straight weeks on Sirius.


A Danny Thompson fan’s shot of “A Day Without Progress” cranking out on Sirius XM 171.

In fact, the Nashville Trax produced Dan Thompson album is finished and Dan signed an agreement that even prior to completion, saw the first single Miles And Miles” released and distributed to 242 territories through Sony.

Miles was actually released midstream, about three months ago, before the full album was finished and even prior to the deal with Sony being finalized. It’s absolutely blew up on radio, receiving over 2,000 spins per week on hundreds of stations in Australia and the U.K. (including on the BBC).

Now “Miles and Miles” is starting to gain traction on radio in Dan’s home country of Canada:

CJFN in Peguis, MB – ADD – “Danny Thompson Band has been added to rotation.”

CFBW in Hanover, ON – ADD – “Danny Thompson Band is now in our system.”

“Miles and Miles is being played on a country radio station in Owen sound. One of my drivers heard it twice Saturday while working on his truck!!!!”

CHMM in Mackenzie, BC – ADD – “Danny’s song is now in full rotation.”

Glad to see our hard work and Dan’s investment in doing quality work is paying off!

And here’s the followup single:

Why? Because Dan’s kids love the way the harmonica sounds like a duck quacking in the intro; they want to hear it over and over. Now there’s a scientifically sound method. Why bother with demographic research and test marketing when you have quacking ducks, lol!

“A Day Without Progress”

Lead Vocals: Dan Thompson
Drums: William Ellis
Bass Guitar: Bill Watson
Acoustic and Electric Guitars:
Tom Wild
B3 Organ: Steve King
Harmonica: Mike Douchette
Background Vocals: Angela Derrington
Tracking engineering:
Bill Watson
Mixing and Mastering engineering:
Bill Watson, Shawn Conley
Written by: Dan Thompson
Arranged and produced by Bill Watson

Okay, there was more to it than a quacking duck! A Day Without Progress is uptempo, has the “bro country” rap portion near the end (bro country is super popular right now). Plus it’s a “pull ’em out of their seats” dance tune.

A Day Without Progress © 2016 by Dan Thompson, posted here for demonstration purposes only. Any other use is a violation of U.S. and international copyright law. The songwriter currently retains the right of first release until the projected release to radio April 10th, 2016 after which, requests sent to nashtrax@bellsouth.net by parties interested in recording* either song; program directors interested in airplay or by producers interested in using the songs in TV/film projects will be forwarded to the songwriter and/or publisher.
*A Compulsory Mechanical License must be filed by parties planning on recording “A Day Without Progress The current royalty rate is 9.1 cents per copy. Advance payment for 1,000 copies ($91 U.S.) must accompany the filing, payable to the music publisher.

Looking for the Nashville Tracks Recording Studio actually located in the Nashville Tennessee area? Here it is!

Looking for a recording studio located in the Nashville Tennessee area called Nashville Tracks? Maybe you aren’t spelling it correctly. Try this:

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    Nashville Trax


Nashville Tracks

Nashville Tracks may not be the proper spelling of the production studio you’re searching for. That’s an easy mistake to make.

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Posing With The Usual Suspects


Nashville Trax producer Bill Watson, apprehends two of our usual suspects: ten times Music Row guitarist of the year, Brent Mason, and fiddlist Jenee Fleenor (Blake Shelton, Terri Clark, Martina McBride, The Voice).

Both A-list players were fully armed at the time, Brent with a Les Paul featuring the ability to switch the humbucker pickups to TheUsualSuspectssplit coil, Jenee with her trusty fiddle.

Unfortunately both slipped through his hands and are once again on the loose. If spotted please call local law enforcement.

#1 Angel Eyes by Love and Theft still earning airplay royalties 5 years in! How Much?

Angel Eyes by Love and Theft
Co-writers: Eric Gunderson, Jeff Coplan and Eric Paslay
Released: November 14, 2011
Format: Digital download
Certified Platinum (over 1 million copies sold)

Chart Action:
August 25th, 2012 #1 Billboard Country
32 on the Billboard Hot 100
Canadian Hot 100 68
Released in 2011, and still earning performance royalties in 2017.

2016 performance royalties:
1st quarter $804.48
2nd quarter $849.20
3rd quarter $946.81
4th quarter $812.94

Sources of performance income:

1. Country radio
2. Satellite radio
3. Internet Audio and Music Videos

Songwriters Paid Monthly


SESAC is now offering monthly royalty check payments. For details visit: http://www.sesac.com/News/News_Details.aspx?id=1793

What To Look For In A Music Publishing Contract

After many songwriting roads that led nowhere you are finally staring at a music publishing contract.

Should you sign it?

The first thing that may confuse you is terminology involving percentages.How can you sign away 100% of your rights and still keep 100%?

That’s because as far as the PRO’s (performing rights organizations ASCAP, BMI, SESAC) are concerned, a song is actually considered to be split into two parts, the songwriter’s portion and the publishing portion. View those two parts as separate entities each worth 100% and the light will come on.

By no means is this a comprehensive list but here are some points to look for and expect in a music publishing contract:

  1. The right to renegotiate or terminate the contract in 35 to 45 years.
  2. If this is a single song deal not tied to an impending release then an additional  reversion clause should be included, contingent on the publisher securing a recording and release by a certain date. If the publisher knows the contract is for a specific release already planned, the reversion clause either won’t appear, or a box will be checked saying the second, shorter reversion, doesn’t apply.
  3. The copyright is temporarily transferred to the publisher for the duration of the contract. That’s what assigning publishing rights entails.
  4. Expect a lot of points about lawsuits between you and the publisher. Very few music   publishing contracts end up disputed in court, but it can happen, mostly this will be the publisher covering his liability in that event. .
  5. The publisher will likely want the right to re-title and/or rewrite the composition as necessary. It sounds a little weird but there are many possible reasons a publisher needs that right. For example, a big name artist may be cutting a vocal for the song and decides he doesn’t like a line… can he change it? If time to track down the songwriter is spent the potential hit recording opportunity may be lost. Or perhaps a foreign publisher requires a translation. Or maybe the song is such a big hit someone wants to record a parody lyric. Maybe the song just isn’t working and the publisher thinks a rewrite is needed. You do lose some creative control but you still get your 100% songwriter’s share regardless of the changes and the publisher won’t likely back down on this point.

Should you sign? I’m not personally a big fan of seeing a lawyer every time you do a deal but if this is your first rodeo or your first with a new company, and certainly if there are clauses you don’t expect or don’t understand, have a lawyer look it over.

Also, unless you already have hit songs you may not have a lot of leverage to negotiate. If you start playing big time prima donna by asking for a lot of changes to points that are fairly standard, don’t be shocked if the publisher decides its not worth the hassle and revokes the offer.

But if something is seriously weird such as a clause where you give up the title to your home or could end up owing the publisher money then stand your ground, In fact if outlandish clauses are present maybe it’s best you be the one to walk- b.e.

Song Publisher In Nashville Accepting Submissions

Listen Again Music (BMI) located in the Nashville TN area is accepting songs from unpublished songwriters. They are currently in a catalog building phase, songs accepted and contracted will be promoted to major label and independent recording projects as well as film and Television. The “open doors” policy is for a limited time.

Interests are Country, Christian, Rock and Pop.

Extra consideration will be given to performers currently playing the song regularly in a live show.

Also, lump sum purchases of royalty streams and/or copyrights are being offered on songs that charted on the Billboard Top 40 and are no longer earning substantial royalties.

Click here for contact information and more complete information.

Play It Again Music Publishing Opens Doors!

Play It Again Music Publishing has launched in Nashville!

With Dallas Davidson at the helm and a team of top notch songwriters, this venture is expected to be a huge success. Davidson’s cuts include hits by the likes of Luke Bryan, Blake Shelton, Jason Aldean and Lady Antebellum. Dabidson has written 30 top ten records and 20 Billboard #1 hits.

Song promotion and publishing is currently available only to songwriters who have an ongoing relationship or staff position with the company.

Runnin’ Out of Moonlight (Billboard Country #1)

Songwriters: Dallas Davidson, Ashley Gorley & Kelley Lovelac

“Miles And Miles” video released. Your song, our production= You Tube success!

Dan Thompson’s just-released video of the song he wrote for his long haul trucker son who tragically died when he fell asleep and crashed his rig about two months after Dan wrote it. Dan and his band are “lip syncing” and “air guitaring” to the track the Nashville Trax A team played on.

This video was made after Dan’s first trip here to record his vocals on three Dan Thompson penned tunes that producer, Bill Watson, arranged and produced prior.

A simple-to-shoot-and-edit video like this can be posted on You Tube as Dan has done. It’s extremely useful for promotion of your live shows and adding fans to your database, or if you don’t perform, you can monetize the video itself and get paid for the short ads that run each time someone clicks on it. One of our clients has made several of these videos, hiring actors to perform in fairly elaborate videos to the tracks we produce of songs he writes. He has hundreds of thousands of You Tube clicks on several of them and has quite a successful business going.

2-23-16 Bill Watson (center) and Shawn Conley (center) producing/engineering Dan Thompson’s  vocals on 5 additional tunes Dan (pictured left, in booth) wrote to complete the album. Dan has one more meeting to hopefully seal a distribution deal through Sony.




Above: Dan Thompson performing at The George Jones Entertainment Complex in downtown Nashville on 2-21-16.

Musicians who played on the music track used in the above video:
Drums and percussion: Jim Riley (Rascal Flatts)
Acoustic and Electric Guitars: Tom Wild, (B.J. Thomas, Mindy McCready, Brenda Lee)
Bass guitar: Bill Watson (producer, Nashville Trax)
Vocals: Dan Thompson
Piano: Ronald Fairchild, (Oak Ridge Boys)
Fiddle: Jenee Fleenor (Blake Shelton, The Voice. Reigning winner of the CMA Touring Musician of th Year Award, Dec. 2015)
Engineers: Bill Watson, Shawn Conley
Produced & Arranged by Bill Watson.


The song and video of “Miles and Miles” is © 2016 Dan Thompson. It’s posted here for demonstration of production values only. Any other use is a violation of U.S. and International copyright laws.