Music Promotion: Get Your Songs Heard!

Your music is recorded and ready to market but you’re not sure how to best do that?

You know what to do but marketing your music is taking all your time?

Try Song Rocket!

Song Rocket is a small group of professionals who noticed the dichotomy between what should be happening for songwriters trying to promote their music, and the reality.

Song Rocket founding member Tim Spinks puts it this way,” From about the year 2,000 on, as the Internet and communication markets expanded,  new Internet sites entered the song selling game, cable television expanded its offerings and more…in short the need for original song material increased exponentially, yet overwhelmed with decisions and choices, many songwriters were feeling frustration.

At the same time life became “busier”. People, including or perhaps especially those in the music business, became tethered to their cell phones and addicted to Facebook. They don’t have time to capitalize on the opportunities and weren’t even sure which were worth pursuing.

We launched Song Rocket to solve that problem.For a small monthly fee a songwriter can relax and rest assured their song copyrights are being exploited. And if they spring for Premium membership they’ll be exploited to the fullest.”