How Do I Get My Songs Published?

The questions, “How Do I Get My Songs Published?” and “How Can I Get My Songs Heard?” are echoed sooner or later by nearly every songwriter serious about marketing their work.

The short answer? Song Rocket

As opportunities exponentially increase for song placement each year, ironically it’s getting more difficult to get the decision makers listen to new music.

At one time the major label record companies, television networks and movie companies were the only games in town. Now there are numerous venues: cable TV shows, song libraries, Pandora, You Tube and many other places in need of music.

But that splintering of the music money pie leaves the various users of music with less money and less incentive to listen to new music from unpublished and unsigned songwriters.

The larger question: in this age of specialization why would a songwriter spend time marketing their work? Use that time to write songs and leave song plugging and marketing to the professionals.

Take a look at Song Rocket. If you clicked on this article odds are very good it’s exactly what you need.