Country Songs Wanted For Placement In “Nashville” TV Show

Nashville has moved from ABC to CMT and will begin airing this fall.

Ray Hamilton of Merf Music Group, a Nashville based company with Billboard Country #1 hits is seeking songs appropriate for airing in the show.

“Songs must be mid-tempo and sound similar to songs currently receiving airplay on country radio stations. Male or female lead vocal. Must be either about some aspect of a love relationship or must be an “empowering women” song such as Carrie Underwood or Miranda Lambert might sing.  Masters or demo mixes.”

“Watch at least a couple episodes to get a feel for the show and see what type of material is used.”

**Contact for permission before submitting:

  • Professionally made demos  and masters of unpublished songs may be submitted (with permission) to Listen Again Music (BMI) or PlayItAgainMusicPublishing (ASCAP).
  • **E-mail your request for permission to submit to:
  • MP3 only, songs must be unpublished. Lyrics submitted in body of e-mail, no attachments except the MP3. Songwriter and/or co-writers must control copyright 100%.

The move to CMT will be season 5. Wiki for season 4:


(We do not receive compensation for any episodes ordered)

Top 5 songs, season 4: