Writing Hick Hop? Maybe It’s Time…

Country artists are putting rap and hip hop music in their songs. Jason Aldean and Florida-Georgia Line are two of many acts that have released songs that are “bro country” part country, part rap.

  • Professionally made demos  and masters of unpublished songs may be submitted (with permission) to Listen Again Music (BMI) or PlayItAgainMusicPublishing (ASCAP).
  • E-mail your request for permission to submit to: LAMusicPublishing.1@gmail.com
  • MP3 only, songs must be unpublished. Lyrics submitted in body of e-mail, no attachments except the MP3. Songwriter and/or co-writers must control copyright 100%.

If your song is accepted you will be asked to sign a single song publishing agreement. There is no charge to the songwriter, the publisher will acquire the publisher’s share of the song and the songwriter retains 100% of the writer’s share.

And check out the Sarah Ross video of Shotgun:


Your father’s country music it’s not.

So… she’s signed with a major label and preparing to cut songs for a new album. The label is requesting “high energy summer songs” specifically noting that hick-hop is desired.

Hurry! Obviously the request suggests this project is intended for release this coming spring/early summer.

submit to:

LAMusicPublishing.1@gmail.com att: Bill Watson. Put “Sarah Ross Project” in the subject area.