Ron Fairchild Gets Dusted!

Back in the 70s and 80s when The Pittsburgh Steelers were winning Super Bowl after Super Bowl, Steeler’s QB Terry Bradshaw tried his hand at singing country music. His piano player was a young Ron Fairchild of the Oak Ridge Boys’ band. Out on tour one day they all decided to toss around a football. Ron says, “Terry, I’ll run a deep pattern, hit me with a pass just like you hit Swan (Steelers receiverLynn Swan).”

Terry replied, “No, you don’t want me to do that,” as Ron continued to insist he was ready. Finally, Bradshaw relented. Ron went very, very deep asnd Terry let it fly hitting Ron directly in the chest, knocking him down flat to the ground and hurting. The other band members thought it was hilarious. You can about hear Ron thinking as he pulled himself up off the ground, “Ok, so let’s forget this ridiculous football stuff and get back to music…”