Now Tracking: 2 Full band demos and some Tracks Online Projects In

We just booked in a 15 page Sibelius sheet music printout from Musical Designs: a Christian tune titled There’s Only One. This is a pretty intense piece of music that will have the typical full band plus multiple background vocals, horns and more. Basically we are taking the notes and lyric from the sheet music and converting it into a fully fleshed out audio demo. We do have an mp3 with a flute playing melody to help. Our singer Lydia will be the vocalist.

We’re also working on multiple Tracks Online projects. Pedal Steel for a project Ken Ishal is producing. Pedal Steel for producer James Fabriano (distance means nothing with the Internet. James is doing Summer in September in Victoria, Australia. And a bass guitar track on a song titled Of Fleas And Men for producer Steve Whitaker, the third song on his album we’ve supplied bass for!

Also in: A song titled “Just For One Day” by divorce lawyer Vince Taylor about, what else? Divorce. Jennifer L will be the singer. This will be a full band demo.