Now Tracking : 4 Songs just booked. Yours too?

Play It Again Demos performing band silhouette

We have been contracted by singer/songwriter Stephene Bouchard of Canada, to record four original songs of various styles, with pre-production charting and rhythm section tracking (drums, bass, piano, guitar) the first two steps in the process of working long distance.

Update: Sorting through the tracks now and the first song is in Stephene’s hands to add vocals. We sent a rough mix of drums. bass and guitar rhythm tracks on a .wav file (via Hightail) of his song “Real Love”. Once back and we can hear exactly where the vocals sit, we’ll add the piano, strings and other overdubs. The mix will be done here.

Update: Stephane has also been forwarded a rough mix of “To Find You” to add vocals to.

Yes singers, it’s that easy to get a pro quality demo or CD over the Internet! Cost? Some of the four tunes are more complex than others but we agreed on an average of only $750 per song! That includes a full day of studio time per song, pre-production work, rhythm tracking, sending files back & forth, overdubs and mixing. Good deal!