More New Nashville Trax Plug ins

And here is our new Lexicon Reverb, part of a $600 bundle that includes everything from concert halls to tiny rooms:

Lexicon Reverb in action at Nashville Trax

Lexicon Reverb in action at Nashville Trax

Reverb is one of the more important mix effects and Lexicon verb is the best on planet earth. This is rich, clean, spacious. When I first heard it a wave of contentment washed over my body. (Or maybe I peed myself in all the excitement, lol, not absolutely sure, but I don’t think so).

One thing I am sure about, the Lexicon bundle will raise the mix bar around here even higher.

Vocal Tube Saturation In use on a Play It Again demo... well, demo!

Vocal Tube Saturation in use on a Play It Again Demo… well, demo!

The above is designed for lead vocal tracks with the intention of imparting tube warmth and saturation to digitally recorded tracks; and man, it does the trick, no doubt. You can dial in just the right amount of tube warmth and/or tube saturation to add a pleasant little buzz to the vocal track.

Tube pre-amps and/or old multi-track tape recorders can be purposefully pushed into distortion but with the digital recorders almost all studios use these days, the signal is either on or off, push them into the red and the sound becomes harsh.

I wouldn’t pull this out for every song or every vocalist, but there are plenty of times I wished for the warmth of tubes or some slight clipping to give vocals that warm fuzzy edge. Now instead of “I wish I could,” it’s “can do.”

To all this, add several just-acquired types of Antares pitch correction, Antares vocal effects, Tru-verb, Alti-verb, harmonizers and more…. basically, we’re stocked to the ceiling and stoked to the rooftop, ready to make your songs sound fantastic!- b.e.