Now Tracking : Two Demos For A Client In England

Two songs in today from “across the pond.”

Both are by a working musician from England named Charlie Kelland. “Santa Fe” is an uptempo country tune that’s getting the full band demo treatment. The original rough sounds like a song playing in a 1960’s western movie so it needs updated. “Forever”is a piano/vocal/hand drum demo featuring a lot of soulful background vocals.

We just logged them in this morning so it will be a little while but I’ll post a finished demo of SF if Charlie allows.

Update 12-12-13 Here’s Santa Fe produced in a modern country style with both fiddle and lead vocal by Jenee Fleenor who plays for country recording artist Blake Shelton:

Santa Fe © 2013 Charles Kelland is posted by permission. All rights Reserved. Unauthorized use is a violation of U.S. and International copyright law.

Pro demos make everyone- friends, family, artists, record company A & R and music publishers- take notice. Have 3 or 4 pro demos to peddle and they’ll brand you as a pro-level songwriter every time you pitch them.

We would be thrilled to do that for you, simply drop an e-mail with your rough mp3 or mp4 attached to: with the details of what you want and request a quote.