Now Tracking: Oh Lord I Sing To Thee

IMG_1910 This is a Play It Again Demos client project: gospel piano and vocal demo with female lead and harmony vocal ($250 for a piano/vocal plus $65.00 for harmony/bgvs = $315 total).

I feel blessed to have the opportunity to produce this beautiful, heartfelt worship song for a lady named Heather who is wheelchair bound and convinced God is going to let her walk again.

Do you believe in miracles? Please pray for Heather.

Don’t dismiss it. We had a mini-miracle occur at one of the churches I attend a couple weeks ago.
A member lady’s father was rushed into surgery at a local hospital, died and the nurse came out to tell her there was nothing they could do. (Later, the surgeon said sewing together what was left of his aorta was literally like sewing two pieces of wet toilet paper together, they couldn’t do it.)

A team was still working on the father but it was a legal formality. The daughter started frantically texting church members asking for prayer, saying her father had died on the op table but the doctors were still working on him. (I was not at the church but did get the texts).

As the pastor told it the following Sunday, the husband, who happened to be at an event at the church, received the text, and asked all present for prayer. The entire church hit their knees. Soon a text came in saying his father in law had revived. Three times he flatlined. Three times his heart started again, each time after a prayer request was texted by his daughter and the church prayed mightily until the next text came in saying he had revived.

He’s alive today. The doctors are dumbfounded, They can’t explain it as medically as it was simply not possible.

Coincidence? IMHO Just Jesus doing His thing.

That’s not to say every prayer evokes a miracle but I do believe Paul Stookey had it about right when he paraphrased Matthew 18:20 in The Wedding Song: “Whenever two or more of you are gathered in His name, there is love.”

That’s one of the most beautiful lyrics ever written I think: The Wedding Song Lyric Thought provoking intelligence and simplistic innocence working in parallel. I’m not positive the human mind can create that alone.

He is love. Gather, pray and He will be there. The serendipity for we mortals is how that love plays out-b.e.


P.S. Update: The song is now tracked. You can listen to the before and after versions here!

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