Traditional Country Song Pitch Opportunity

Play It Again Engineer Mixing A Song Demo

Play It Again Engineer Mixing A Song Demo. Why not yours?

If you have an uptempo traditional country song you’ve been holding back here’s a great excuse to have a demo made at Play It Again Demos and pitch it.

Garrett Miles is seeking uptempo traditional country. He is playing bars and concerts, has built a large fan base and has opened for several well known country acts. This may offer an excellent chance to get a cut before he signs a major label deal.

Some new songwriters can’t understand why they’d want to give first rights on a song to a rising star instead of holding out for an established artist. Agreed, it’s a gamble. But imagine, if you had a cut on an early Garth Brooks, Taylor Swift….you name the artist… CD, it would have forever given you a credit that meant something as well as exposure for possible future covers of your song. And it’s generally easier to get a thumbs up on a song pitch at this point in a career.

Send your uptempo country tune in and if we agree it fits the pitch request, we’ll cut it at a discount rate (15% off our most recent order form rate*) and submit it for the project. Of course you’ll retain all rights.

*Discount offer does not apply to projects already agreed to or already in production.

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