Demo or Master?

Should you have a demo made of your latest song or a master? That is should you use a service such as Play It Again Demos or should you use a studio such as Nashville Trax?

Do a demo if:

  • You intend to pitch the song to a song publisher for possible addition to their song catalog
  • You intend to pitch the song to an artist
  • It’s for personal use, your budget is limited and the intention is playing it for, or give away copies to, family and friends

    Do a master if:

  • You are the artist and this is your showcase
  • You are a singer or musician and this is your promotion tool intended to show your professionalism
  • You intend to sell the song to the public

    Note that in 2012 AFM Local 257 here in Nashville approved the Demo to Limited Pressing Conversion Agreement which permits an upgrade from demo to master that gives credit for payments already made. Previously it was illegal to sell a demo.

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