NT client, Wayne Patterson, signs deal with Big Noise, wins NACMAI 2016 Album of the Year

WayneFromMainNashville Trax producer, Bill Watson was present yesterday to witness Nashville Trax’ client Wayne Patterson, and his trio partners, Krys Smith (left) and Mike Biasin ( rt) perform at the national finals of the NACMAI .

Singing to two of the 28 tracks Watson and his team produced, this Gospel trio has already won the local and state competitions.  The winner will be announced this coming Sunday. (Update: After enough contestants to fill an entire week of competition, on Sunday, March 13, 2016 the trio won Gospel Band of the Year, Gospel Album of the Year, and Horizon award in the Gospel Song category.)

Unrelated to this competition, the trio also announced the signing of a nine month development deal with Big Noise records. The direction will be focused on “Gospel with a rock edge”. The label head, Al Gomes, who produced two Christina Aguilera singles and helped break her career. said the tracks they perform with are major label quality and agreed to Bill Watson of Nashville Trax continuing to produce the trio’s music.

Mr. Gomes other credits include Red Hot Chili Peppers, J. Geils Band, Paul Doucette of Matchbox 20 and he is on the nominating committee for The Grammy’s.


Wayne Paterson’s Gospel trio,, The Greatest Gift, with producer, Bill Watson at NACMAI in Pigeon Forge.


Album of the Year winners at the 2016 NACMAI competition held here in Tennessee.

the greatest gift3.JPG

On the Red Carpet!


Investors Interested in Investing in Your Indie Recording or CD project


As you’ve probably already found out, it’s not easy to find someone willing to sink their cash into your project. But if you have aspirations of being an artist on a major label, it’s time to figure out how to secure funding and turn a profit on a smaller scale. Why? Because almost all artists on major labels are signed now, not only because they have talent, but because they bring two million dollars or more to the table, along with a proven track record. Very little talent? Enough money gets you signed anyway.

For your first album it’s going to be difficult to interest an outside investor because they’re going to look at your offer purely from a financial payback standpoint. But you can’t guarantee them you’ll sell one download of a single!

Therefore the second best investment sources are: family, friends and fans. One of them may be in a financial position to risk a substantial sum to help you get started. If you make good choices on the where and the how, you can do an entire eight song, independent, high quality album for under $10,000, certainly no more than $50,000 including some advertising/marketing funds, so it’s possible that one close-to-you investor, or multiple close-to-you investors will fund you.

If that fails you’ll need to address the very best source of funding: yourself. Whether you invest savings, income or borrow from a bank or credit card, if you aren’t willing to “show the money” and prove you believe in yourself, why would anyone else? Better, you won’t be beholden, feeling pressure to return a profit quickly. In fact. the profits? All yours!

So why would you invest in your career? Exactly what is your business plan for recouping the initial investment? Have you mapped it out on paper?

Will you sell an average of 15 CDs at every gig? How many gigs do you perform at in a typical year? How much profit does that work out to over two years? If you only average 50 people per show and 40 of them are the same faces attending repeatedly, it’s unlikely you can sell 15 CDs per performance after that first CD release show. One or two CDs poer gig? maybe. You need realistic projections not fantasy. Do you need to start gaining new-face exposure by playing one offs in a concert setting rather than working the same bar or two over and over?

Why do a CD at all? Because it’s tangible. Selling downloads directly at gigs is difficult if not impossible. If you want to capture a long term fan while they are still excited over the performance you just delivered, get a CD in their hands!

Here’s a Christian vocal group who has recorded two albums with a third is in progress, that is seeing amazing success with sales and performances, partly due to the high quality of the song tracks we produced in collaboration with a mix studio in Maine :

The Greatest Gift CD

Working from their roughs, we cut the music tracks here which we then uploaded to a studio in Maine where the group cut their vocals and the project was mixed (by Bob Catalano).

They sell physical CDs at performances and sell both physical CDs and downloads at CD Baby:

Buy The Greatest Gift CD

Here’s another way to approach making a CD:

The Dan Thompson Band

Dan is already offering the first three songs we recorded/produced at Nashville Trax on his CD as downloads:

Dan Thompson Band singles

Market your music online? Where? When? how often?

This Nashville Trax client has also experienced success, but not through live performance or a website, rather by making videos incorporating projects we produced for him and posting them on youtube,com:

Gary’s youtube business

Whatever your plan, it’s critical that you keep good records, including, accounting books, photos, videos, receipts, etc. If you do decide to pursue a bigger deal or even attempt to secure an angel investor for your second project, they’ll want proof that your first project turned a profit.

Christian Indie Group Experiences Success With Over-The-Internet Album Collaboration


A Christian vocal trio known as The Greatest Gift decided to do an album of material penned by bandleader Wayne Paterson. Unhappy with previous efforts recorded at studios located in Nashville, New York and Los Angeles he searched for a new studio that could bring the magic he knew existed to his work.

He began sending piano/vocal demos to producer Bill Watson of Nashville Trax in March of 2015 and was ecstatic with the results. With Watson arranging and producing the music tracks, then sending them to The Greatest Gift where they add vocals and mix at a local studio, they have finished the first album, Come Into His Presence, and have nearly completed a second.

The Greatest Gift is also using the mixed and mastered tracks to perform live and even sing to the tracks in Christian songwriting and performance contests. They took first place in the local, regional and state competitions and are scheduled to compete in the national finals in Tennessee this coming spring.

The Greatest Gift is reporting brisk sales at churches and other live concert performances, helping them recoup their investment plus help fund the next CD. They’ve also been able to secure an entertainment lawyer based in Nashville to help them pursue national distribution.

Give a listen: