Christian Country Song, “Fight The Good Fight” Mix Completed!

Bill Watson, Nashville Trax music producer Nashville Trax, Play It Again Demos

Play It Again Demos Producer/Arranger, Bill Watson

The Christian country song titled Fight The Good Fight, is mixed and out to the songwriting team of Jeff Rutledge and Jerry Ryan, the second we’ve done for them:

A clip of the Rutledge/Ryan “before” version”

Our Play It Again Demos arrangement, picking up where the rough leaves off:

“Hey Bill, I just want to say what an excellent job you did on our song “Fight the Good Fight”. I love all the guitar work and the harmonies that you added. Thank you very much and please pass on my appreciation to the musicians you used”- Jeff Routledge

“Bill, We all love it! Great job! You guys out did yourselves this time! God bless.” Jerry

The song is hot off the press with publishing open and right of first release intact. If you’d like to publish or record it we’d be glad to forward your interest to the songwriters.

Fight the Good Fight is © 2014 Rutledge/Ryan. All rights reserved, presented here as a demonstration of production values, all other use prohibited under U.S. and International copyright law.